Whether you are a technology solution provider looking to help your target markets see the value of your offerings, or are with an organization who wishes to better understand the significance of new technologies, Jack can help you communicate more effectively with your audiences.

Jack speaks on many topics, and his presentations are custom-developed for each client. Below is a list of representative topic titles with brief Topic Descriptions. More detailed descriptions of each topic are available on request.

Jack delivers customized presentations on these and related topics. Or you can work with him to integrate aspects of multiple topics into a unique program that precisely meets the needs of your business and your audience. Where industry verticals are mentioned in the title, that is a topic which Jack is happy to tailor to the unique needs of that or any other of the many industries with which he has worked over the years.

Digital Transformation: Rethinking Your Business Ecosystem

  Digital Transformation is one of the hottest topics of discussion in C-Suites around the world – and with good reason. Executives are facing the rising expectations of the connected consumer; the revolutionary potential of such emerging technologies as the Internet...

3D Printing – The Next Industrial Revolution

3D Printing, also referred to as Additive Manufacturing, is more than a new manufacturing technique. There are powerful economic incentives for adopting Additive Manufacturing on its own. But, when combined with other emerging technologies such as the Internet of...

OmniCommerce – Meeting Business’ Next Grand Challenge

As we become an ever more mobile global society, people expect to be able to work, shop, and play from wherever they are located. And customers expect, indeed demand, a seamless experience across physical stores, web presence, and their mobile devices – that is,...