Cloud Computing and Virtualization – Business Technology Unleashed

On March 16, 2011, I was asked to give the Opening Keynote Presentation to the Annual Conference of the Technology Assurance Group. I spoke on Cloud Computing for the small to Medium-sized businesses who are the primary target market for this organization of small local telecommunications VAR’s and IT service providers.

You may click on the link above to review my presentation slides for details. However, here are the main points of the presentation:

  • Networking, virtualization and Cloud Computing are all becoming more important to SMB’s.
  • Technology Solution Providers (TSP’s) must provide not only technical expertise and assistance but must also educate their clients, help them to develop the business case, and consult with them about how best to gain the business benefits of these important emerging technologies.
  • As Cloud Computing is more widely adopted, it reduces the cost of computing while increasing the strategic importance and value of the communications infrastructure.
  • Small TSP’s looking to provide Cloud Computing services to their SMB clients must ensure that these services are hosted at a well-managed, highly secure, and highly reliable data center.
  • Most SMB’s will NOT need to use PaaS services as most are quite content to configure standard applications to run their businesses rather than develop applications from scratch. To the extent that small TSP’s DO deliver custom developed applications for their clients, they, the TSP’s may well want to use PaaS capabilities.
  • SMB’s will rely heavily on their TSP’s to guide them through the maze of both HaaS/IaaS and SaaS products and services to help them find those that best meet their needs and add value for those SMB’s.
  • TSP’s must educate their clients regarding:
    • What Is Cloud Computing?
    • Why Use Cloud Computing?
    • Concerns About Cloud Computing
    • How Our Business Supports Your Use of Cloud Computing
  • This requires TSP’s to effectively communicate the benefits of Cloud Computing to their clients as well as addressing security concerns and risk mitigation.
  • In effect, the successful TSP will become the stand-in CIO for their SMB clients who do not have that role designated themselves.