Your Web Video Strategy

In 2012, Web Video must be a part of your overall marketing strategy. Inbound marketing has been shown to be much more productive and cost effective than traditional marketing alone. The key to effective inbound marketing is quality content. And you can’t create content with a stronger emotional impact than well-made Web Video.

There are five steps to creating and executing an effective Web Video strategy. Breakthrough Business Technologies can help you to carry out any or all of these steps. They are:

Develop Your Video Roadmap™

Here you define the central role Web Video will play in your marketing strategy.

  1. What is your product or service positioning?
  2. Who are the primary audiences for your video?
  3. What are the messages you are looking to convey?
  4. How many videos will you want to create?
  5. What will be the most effective lengths for your videos?
  6. In what sequence will it be most effective to create and to introduce them?

Write Your Video Scripts

A video script is very different from a sales brochure or white paper. You must know how to use the medium most effectively – what to shoot live, when to use stock footage, and where to use graphics or animation. But the messaging in your video script should be consistent with that in other channels. For example, a well written video script can often be converted into an effective white paper.


Capture Live Video

Now the professional videographers capture live footage. This can include such content as a spokesperson educating your target market, actors demonstrating your product, a client interview, or onsite footage at your location.


Edit Background and Graphics

Next, the video editing wizards take over. They edit transitions, insert graphics, and even provide still or video backgrounds – especially where you’ve shot live video using “Green Screen” technology. They’ll adjust the soundtrack and add music in the background as appropriate. The result is a “knock their socks off” video!


Distribute Your Video

But you’re not finished yet. You video won’t produce results until people watch it. You’ll post it on your website, of course, with appropriate cross links. But you’ll also want to post it to the many online Video sites. You’ll want to make certain to use SEO/SEM to maximize your reach. And, you’ll want to post it on blogs, Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+, and send out regular Tweets to promote it. The objectives: Drive traffic to your website, and convert customers!