We are looking for currently available solutions for low (or no) cost occasional international funds transfers – just as are millions of other small businesses around the world. Our expectation is that the process will involve public blockchain based digital currencies and will be completed same day – preferable within an hour or less.

Solutions must be quick and easy to implement, but must be very secure. For security purposes, preference will be given to solutions utilizing wallets storable on local computers or devices rather than cloud based accounts, but we will consider cloud-based solutions if security is clearly demonstrable.

It must be fast and easy to exchange funds for local fiat currencies moving in and out of standard demand deposit accounts at both ends. This will be for use by very NON-technical small business partners who are apprehensive about the use of digital currencies. Thus, ease of implementation and use must be accompanied by easy to understand high-level security.

We will write up our adventures in evaluating available solutions on our widely read blog and post the write ups of the evaluations and the results of the actual live implementation on Blockchain Executive (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8528009) and numerous other blockchain, payments, and business technology forums globally.

If you offer, or can recommend, such a solution, please contact me by December 22, 2016 at Jshaw@AmericanBlockchainCouncil.com.