You’re a large organization with tens, maybe hundreds, of millions invested in mission critical applications. You’ve been customizing and enhancing these applications for many years.

The intellectual property they embody lies at the heart of your business. You would no more be able to tear them out and replace them than to tear down your buildings, fire all your people, and start your business from scratch.

The problem is – your legacy applications do not leverage the latest technologies. They may have been written in mature languages like COBOL; they may use older databases like ISAM or DB2. As originally implemented, these systems did not support such recently emerging, and strategically significant, technologies as mobile computing, data analytics, or Cloud Computing.

This presents a conundrum. Do you simply ignore these emerging trends and the new business models they enable? Do you spend many millions rewriting or replacing your legacy applications? Alternatively, is there a third, better way?

In my presentation at the Micro Focus Developers Conference, I showed that you can have the best of both worlds with application modernization technology.

By applying the right tools and techniques, businesses can integrate their existing, legacy applications with the latest 21st Century Technologies — including mobile computing, data analytics, or Cloud Computing and others. In addition, they can do so for a fraction of the cost or risk of replacing or rewriting those legacy applications.

Discover the potential of application modernization technology for your organization, and expand the range of options available for your business to compete in the 21st Century marketplace!