Market Education Videos

People won’t buy what they don’t understand. Before anyone will consider buying your specific product, service, or solution, they must understand why they would even be interested in that kind of product, service, or solution. What is the problem or opportunity it addresses? How does it add value for the customer? How is it different from other alternatives – including doing nothing?

The challenge that Technology Solution Providers face is that, until people understand why they need the kind of solution you have to offer, they aren’t willing to listen to the technology vendor tell them why they need it. It’s just too difficult to overcome the emotional assumption that the vendor is telling them they need something only to get them to buy their product.

This is where having a third-party spokesperson can be especially effective. Someone who the customer recognizes is not an employee or stockholder of the vendor’s company, who doesn’t earn a commission if they buy, and who has an independent reputation to protect, is someone the customer is much more willing to trust at this early stage of the buying cycle.

Once the customer has been educated, once they understand why they would benefit from having that kind of solution; then, and only then, they are ready to hear the vendor’s pitch.

The video links below are all good examples of Market Education videos.