This video (below), describing the ITility Cloud Hosting Service by DynaSis, is an excellent example of Web Video Marketing. It is one of a series of educational videos on Cloud Computing. The others in the series describe what Cloud Computing is and the benefits of Cloud Computing and address concerns some may have about Cloud Computing.

The purpose of these videos is to educate their target market of small to mid- sized companies on the business value of their solutions. To see all of the DynaSis Cloud Computing Videos and White Papers, go Here. The results, I think you’ll agree, speak for themselves.

These set the stage for this video which, without being “salesy”, describes the capabilities and benefits of the ITility solution in a straightforward manner closing with an appropriate call to action. In addition to generating leads, these videos help to reduce sales cycle times, increase business development productivity, and improve close rates.

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[vimeo w=960&h=540]

This is recorded in HD, so, to get the best effect, watch it full screen!