Scientific studies now show that major earthquakes are not only followed by aftershocks. In most cases, they also are preceded by foreshocks. In the terrain of business technology, such developments as Cloud Computing, Mobile Commerce, Social Media, and Big Data are rightly regarded as seismic events. But, as earth-shaking as these technologies appear, they are just the foreshocks.

The Big One is coming, and it’s coming soon. Intelligent Systems for Data, Discovery, and Decision Management will utterly transform business, commerce, and society. Self-optimizing production scheduling, autonomic supply chains, and self-configuring business ecosystems are just a few examples of Intelligent Systems that will shake the world. But, you don’t have to be caught unprepared.

Business Technology Futurist Jack Shaw, industry executive, consultant, and author of three books on business, technology, and eCommerce, has been accurately predicting advances in business technology for over thirty years. Join us as he explains intelligent systems and what your organizations must do now, and can do to plan for the future, to take full advantage of the most dynamic, breathtaking set of business technologies yet.