I have the great privilege of delivering the keynote speech for the hybris Game Plan Conference October 29 in Berlin. In this series of three brief videos, I’ll share with you some ideas on the transformational effects of emerging B2B technologies – ideas I’ll be talking about on at more length in my presentation.

Today, let’s discuss Social Media. Please watch the brief video below and be sure to watch the other two brief videos on this series.

To date, social media has been the realm of B2C. However, as more and more Millennials enter the workforce, they are more fluent in social commerce than their older colleagues. This will profoundly influence the use of social media in B2B e-commerce for two reasons.

One is that we already see forward-looking sales people using LinkedIn to target prospects and arrange “warm” introductions. We will soon see innovative procurement personnel using social media to check out prospective vendors with their peers in the market.

And, as the power of Big Data and Intelligent Decision Management are unleashed on the limitless quantities of unstructured data available through social media, we’ll see progressively more detailed and accurate analyses of that information to make near real time decisions on virtually everything from product designs to marketing campaigns to investment strategies.

An exciting future lies ahead in B2B e-Commerce. I look forward to discussing it with you at the Game Plan Conference in Berlin.

At Game Plan brands, manufacturers, and distributors will be shown insights, studies and leanings to help them understand the changes occurring in their industries and develop their B2B e-commerce strategies.

Game Plan brings you the most sought after people in the B2B industry. Jack Shaw, Technology Futurist and E-Business Specialist, will be the Keynote speaker for the event in Berlin on the 28 and 29 October.

Register here: http://bit.ly/12BEYXj