Hiring Jack as a Speaker

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Hi, I’m Jack Shaw and I appreciate your visiting my site. Speaking about the impact and value of emerging technologies is my passion. Whether you are a Speakers Bureau looking for the ideal speaker on technology or on behalf of your technology solution provider client,whether you have been directed here by one of our Speakers Bureau partners, or whether you found your way here in your search for a speaker to hire yourself, you’ve arrived at the right place!

I’ve worked with leading speakers bureaus for over 15 years. I understand how to work effectively with bureaus and what’s important to bureaus and their clients. I also work directly with many organizations who engage me to educate their audiences.

I know there are many speakers you can consider and I value the opportunity to work with you.Though my topics are continually updated, my focus remains on exceeding clients’ expectations by working closely with each client to tailor my presentation to meet their needs.

My career has led me to speak in 20 countries, write books, and, at the same time, actively work as an executive in today’s corporate world. So my experience is authentic.  I look forward to discussing ideas for any event and I’m always available to brainstorm with you and your clients.

I know my involvement with a bureau’s or a direct client is a direct reflection on you. When it results in a thrilled audience and event planner, that is a win/win. I hope you will visit the rest of my site, check out some topics and video clips, and call if I can assist you in any way.