“I’ve been coming to this conference for four years and Jack is the best speaker I’ve ever seen.”
— Airgas


Throughout this site you will find thanks and praise from Jack’s clients. On this page, we’d like to share just some of the audience comments that clients have forwarded to Jack.

(To read the entire letter from any of the clients listed,
you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Amazing look ahead to the way business will be done”(Click here to see entire letter.)

“My expectation was that you would be able to effectively demonstrate to our members the importance of Cloud Computing in a way that was informative and thought provoking. The way you were able to incorporate humor as well as highlighting these emerging technology architectures kept your presentation both entertaining and extremely valuable.” – Technology Assurance Group (Click here to see entire letter.)

“You hit the mark squarely stimulating a dynamic discussion involving the full range of our attendees. Your use of video, cartoons, and humor also kept the presentation as entertaining as it was informative. You did an excellent job of balancing perceptive responses to participants’ questions while encouraging insightful discussion among attendees.

“It was a delight to work with you. You delivered the results we were looking for. I can certainly recommend you to any others who are looking for clear, easy to understand insights on the strategic implications of emerging technologies.” – CA Technologies (Click here to see entire letter.)

“The seminar was instrumental in six clients signing up for major upgrades in the following 60 days. I believe that your willingness and ability to incorporate success stories from our existing customer base into your presentation was key to the effectiveness of this event.” — Carl Mix, President, Application Results (Click here to see entire letter.)

“Jack, you did a stellar job, and I would recommend your services to any company looking to deliver a well-researched and hard-hitting message.” — Ron Reed, VP, Progress Software. (Click here to see entire letter.)

Because you took the time to understand Sun technology innovations, you were able to tailor your message in a way that connected to the audience.” (Click here to see entire letter.)

“Your insights into technology trends combined with your knowledge of the business clearly resonated with everyone in attendance.” (Click here to see entire letter.)

“Your effective use of sophisticated presentation technology combined with your research and your lively presentation style resulted in a session that was as interesting, entertaining, and humorous as it was informative.” (Click here to see entire letter.)

“The presentation content, your delivery style, and the relevant industry examples really hit the mark for our program.” (Click here to see entire letter.)

“We couldn’t have written a more accurate ‘Shaw’s Law’ for some of our customers. Your advice on not just accepting change but embracing it is valuable, no matter what industry you are in.”

“Finally, the overwhelming response from all attendees has been positive. A true testament to your ability to captivate an audience.
(Click here to see entire letter.)

“worth the price of the whole conference”

“attention grabbing and very relevant”

“excellent presentation”

“a real eye-opener”

“enthusiastic, positive message”

“Jack is a very effective presenter with ability to connect to the audience”

“best presentation of conference!”

“outstanding presentation-very relevant & stimulating”

“he’s an energizer”

“this was incredible and a major learning tool”

“a ‘top drawer’ presentation by an experienced and knowledgeable personality”

“very captivating speaker-made many relevant interactions with ‘non-techie’ examples”

“content was well-rounded; quite honestly I was surprised at what I didn’t know”

“great demo of interactive web business”

“I wanted more!”

“worth the price of the whole conference”