Why Use a 3rd-Party Spokesperson?

Why Can’t We Do This Ourselves?

Who knows better the value of your solutions than you? Why shouldn’t one of your own experts be your educational spokesperson?

During the strategically critical educational process, prospects are extremely skeptical of what they hear from ANY vendor. Until they know why they need a solution like yours, prospects are more willing to trust an external spokesperson.

Why Will Prospects Listen to a 3rd-Party Spokesperson?

Validating the need for your solution adds integrity to the entire process. As an independent expert, the 3rd-Party spokesperson brings a high level of credibility during the initial educational process that every prospect must go through before they’ll be ready to buy.

Perhaps even more importantly, the 3rd-Party spokesperson is not an employee; they don’t own stock in the company, and they aren’t paid a commission on sales. They have no “skin in the game” regarding whether a given prospect purchases your solution. For this reason, during the strategically critical educational process, prospective customers are more willing to trust the 3rd-Party spokesperson.

Who Should We Use?

Your spokesperson must be someone who can speak with knowledge and authority to executives. You could hire an actor, but they have no expert authority on which to base their recommendations.

Your spokesperson should have experience, credentials, and credibility, but you don’t need the top expert in your field. Too often, they are so narrowly focused they are not effective communicators.

You must engage someone who is authoritative in the field, is a skilled and experienced professional speaker, and has the experience of recording high-quality professionally produced video.

You need someone who understands your field well, who knows how to communicate effectively to senior level business decision makers, who can quickly grasp the fundamentals of your solution, and who can work with you to craft, and deliver, the best message to educate your target market.