Why Educate Your Target Markets?

Educating Technology Markets…

  • Generates More Qualified Leads
  • Reduces Sales Cycle Times
  • Increases Sales Team Productivity
  • Improves Close Rates

Accelerates Revenues!

They MUST Know WHY Before They’ll Buy!

Your prospective clients MUST understand exactly how and why your solutions will benefit them before they’ll even consider buying. This means you must help them recognize the business value of your solutions and differentiate your solutions from the alternatives.

The Role of Emerging Technologies

Your prospects typically believe they’re doing the best they could with the available solutions. So you must show how your solution uses emerging technologies to add value and differentiate it. Examples of these technologies include Cloud Computing, Mobile Commerce, Data Analytics, Social Media, and Intelligent Systems.

Don’t Limit Your Market to the Early Adopters

As described in Geoffrey Moore’s seminal book, Crossing the Chasm, the Innovators and Early Adopters already understand these technologies and how they will benefit from them. All they want to know are the particulars of your solution, your business model, and your pricing, and they’re ready to make their buying decision. The problem is that the Innovators and Early Adopters comprise only 10% – 15% of any given market.

“Crossing the Chasm” into the Mainstream

The other 85% – 90% still doesn’t understand these technologies. Because they don’t really comprehend exactly how they’ll benefit from them, they aren’t ready to buy.

The question is: who should shape their understanding – you? Or your competitors? It is a waste of time to try to sell the benefits of your solution to a prospect who doesn’t yet recognize why they need it. Before you can sell them, you have to educate them. That’s the opportunity – and your next challenge.