Working with Jack

After the contract is signed, Jack will need to exchange information with you in order to make his presentation as successful as possible. This information falls into two categories.

What you should know:

Many of the things you should know are related to the logistics of getting photos and session descriptions prior to the event, getting Jack to the event, ensuring the appropriate A/V equipment is available, and what Jack’s introducer should say.

High-resolution photo (head shot):
Many clients need a photo for marketing brochures. If you need one, just click here for a downloadable, high-resolution four-color photo in jpeg format.

Session descriptions:
If you need a customized written session description, please Contact Jack.

Travel requests:
Jack will make his own air travel arrangements. He will need you to make lodging reservations for a non-smoking room, preferably with king bed if available. Normally, Jack’s hotel charges for room, taxes, meals, and approved incidentals are billed directly to your master account.

A/V needs:
Jack requires the following in order to provide the best possible presentation. Please let us know if changes are required or you need more information.

  • Cordless microphone
  • Data projector
  • Screen for PowerPoint slide presentation
  • Video Recording

Unlike many other speakers, Jack does not charge an additional fee for video recording his presentations. So long as the video recording is not used for commercial gain nor as a replacement for hiring Jack for other engagements, Jack encourages video recording of his sessions.

He does request that, if you choose to video record his presentation, you do so in a digital format and provide him with a copy of his introduction and presentation on a large format Flash Drive or a MiniDV tape – NOT a DVD. Jack will be glad to discuss these technical specifications with your A/V professionals if you wish.

Brief Introduction:
An effective introduction is a key part of a successful presentation as it prepares the audience for whom and what they are about to hear. We strongly recommend that you have and appropriate person introduce Jack’s session. We will be pleased to provide you with an appropriate written introduction.

What Jack needs to know

Jack will need the following information as soon as possible and preferably at least 45 days prior to the event. Please feel free to send it via email or by calling if you have it available sooner.


  • How many people will be in his session? (usually this information can be shared around 3 weeks prior to the event)
  • Please provide a brief profile of your audience. (for example: “approximately 300 presidents and upper level managers from manufacturing companies across the U.S.”)
  • Please provide a detailed agenda for your event about 30 days ahead of time.
  • Do you have information about your group and your industry that is available to Jack online? Please list the URL(s).
  • Jack will want to speak with you and key players at your company/organization in order to determine the best way to package his message for your particular group. Jack prefers to have this conversation fairly close to the day of the event so that he can incorporate the latest information about the technologies and about your industry.
  • Where have Jack’s hotel reservations been made?
    • What is the address and phone number of the hotel?
    • What is the confirmation number?
  • If the event is not being held at the same hotel, where will the event be held? What is the address?
  • What is the attire for the event (casual, business casual, business)?